Dave Thompson (krylyr) wrote,
Dave Thompson

And I Shall Lay My Ragnarok Upon Thee, And You Shall Know I Am Vacation!

So. Almost done packing for Hawaii. Anyone seen my copy of Norse Code? Anyone? It's by that gregvaneekhout  guy? What's that? You've never heard of Greg van Eekhout? He's the guy who made Queen Amidala cool for Mother's Day in less than 500 words (beat that George Lucas)! I was waiting to start reading his book until vacation and now I can't find it...

Oh. Uh, hang on...

Ah. Right. Valkyrie in training, I see. So I guess the book is good? Claire, can I have the book back now?

I may or may not post some little updates, but I'm mainly going to be enjoying the week off in Maui.

Well, wish me luck with the budding Valkyrie. Aloha.

Krylyr out.

Tags: claire, family, greg van eekhout, vacation

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