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Rich Horton Likes Me! Or at Least, He Liked Saint Darwin!

Evidence here. I mean, it doesn't say anything more than he liked my story (as well as lonfiction's and abtreadwell's) but still. Bragging rights, right? (Thanks to eljaydaly for the heads-up!)

If you want a more meaty review of "Saint Darwin's Spirituals", there's this one from The Future Fire which might be my personal favorite of St. D. An excerpt says: 

"Love and pain hide in every shadow [and] D K Thompson’s ‘ghostgasms’ (“all the pleasures of intimacy without the messy clean-up”) are a tremendous concept full of phantasmal potential surrounded by a provocative cast of unusual characters."

And that's only part of it!

Anyway, all this made my day. So why don't we share the love. Anything you read/listened to that knocked your socks off recently? Let me know in the comments.

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