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Wow. I can’t believe it’s over. It’s “The End” of LOST, and I’m left heartbroken and inspired.

In short, I liked it. Everything in the sideways world, aka Optimistic Purgatory, really tugged at my heartstrings. The island stuff was thrilling and held a few surprises still, even if the light cave (or glow cave) still looked a bit cheesy. It was not the X-Files. For me, it was a pretty satisfying ending.

The longer view? Where to start? How about with the things that I’m going to have to figure out for myself – the threads that unraveled earlier in the show. I’m kind of sad that there wasn’t any closure with Walt. I think in hindsight, it would’ve been cool if he’d gone back to the island with the Oceanic Six. I would’ve liked to have understood why Aaron was special and needed to be raised by Claire (although I admit we could come up with smoke-monster theories for this, it felt like a thread that never got tied up). And of course, I’d really like to understand how Desmond’s prophecy to Charlie about Claire and Aaron getting off the island in a helicopter was so off.

There were many, many unanswered questions, of course. But even with all that stuff – even with the ones i really wanted to know the answers to, I’m pretty satisfied.

Okay, so let’s talk about what I did like.

I was happy that there wasn’t another giant bloodbath on the island. I was pleasantly shocked to see Richard Alpert going grey, Miles, Sawyer, Claire, Kate, and Frank La-fucking-Pidus fly off the island. I mean, I expected like half those people to die. And it makes me happy to imagine them continuing to live on.

I’m also over-the-moon with Hurley as the new guardian of the island, with Ben in a slightly more enlightened Richard Alpert role. I love that. And I like the notion at the end where Ben said that despite Jacob’s rules, Hurley could do what he wanted and send Desmond home to Penny and Charlie. Good stuff. I get the impression Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson have become pretty good friends, and I bet they had a blast with that scene at the end. I’m also extremely happy to imagine the further adventures of Hurley and Ben, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the fans out there aren’t all busily writing fan fiction about what happens next, especially with two of the series most beloved characters in the spotlight.

The Locke/Jack smackdown was good – especially with Desmond thrown into the mix. I was a little bummed we never got to see the smoke monster again (although I thought we were going to see a new smoke monster at the end there)…and in my imagination, maybe there is one. A happier, gentler smoke monster.

But I loved Desmond essentially making the smoke monster mortal by essentially turning off the island. And I loved that when Jack went back down the well, he saved Desmond and said what he did.

The purgatory reveal? Again, it worked for me. Mostly. I’m a bit confused about some of it…is this a purgatory that everyone goes to, or is it one this community made up? Because it’s odd to leave characters (namely children, like David, and loved ones like Helen) behind, not to mention those who remained unactivated – Miles for example. I dig that some people like Faraday, Charlotte, and Ben chose to not go. But I’m not sure who David was – if he was the purgatory love son of Juliet and Jack and never existed in the real world. (Again, fan fiction – I look to you to explain the enigma of Purgatory’s Child!)

I understand why the writers decided to go this route for the season – to essentially set up this episode so we could get that big spiritual church send-off to whatever’s next. I got weepy eyed when Christian Shephard showed up and embraced his son and it was great to see everyone all together again (although it’s hard not to miss people like Walt, Michael, and Eko). And though while I currently think the set-up paid off in the finale, I’m tempted to say some of the rest of the season suffered for it. It was good, but didn’t have as much juice for me as the end of Season 3, and most of Season 4 and especially Season 5 did. But maybe that’s just me today, feeling all nostalgic. I might have a different opinion once I rewatch the whole damn thing. I did love this different look at purgatory – it put me in mind of C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce, although maybe to some degree it could be seen as a reaction to the Great Divorce. Because in LOST, the journey, and the community, is everything. The destination is essentially an unknown, except somehow we know it’s going to be alright. As far as the finale goes, I thought the send-off itself was beautiful.

I fucking loved the ending. Wounded Jack falling down where he’d first gotten up, Vincent coming to him, his eye closing just after he saw the plane soar overhead. For me, that was beautiful, and the perfect ending. 

So those are my thoughts right now. I admit, I haven’t read anything else online, or listened to any of the podcasts yet, so I’m probably missing tons of stuff. Too tired to watch even the Jimmy Kimmel send-off, will probably watch that tonight or tomorrow night. (Okay, just glanced elswhere, and now I'm imagining I'm much more satisified that some other people.)

If I could talk with the people involved in creating and running LOST, I’d tell them thank you. For me, it was one amazing, epic, inspiring ride, and I feel a bit changed by being part of the journey for the last six years. I’m already completely crushed that it’s all over.

I imagine I’ll have more posts about it later on the week, but that’s all I have for now. So let’s have a little LOST party in the comments – What do you all think?

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