Dave Thompson (krylyr) wrote,
Dave Thompson

Hollywood? Make This Freaking Happen!

I know a lot of people feel Johnny Depp is...overexposed as of late. As much as I love Jack Sparrow (and I do), I get that. I'm glad he's not Oz, and I hope he doesn't do anymore Willie Wonka/Mad Hatter nonsense. But people - pleasefortheloveofGOD make a Kolchak the Night Stalker movie with Johnny Depp as Kolchak. Yeah, I know, I know, he's not Darren McGavin. You know who else he isn't? Stuart Townsend. And if you get that reference, you know exactly what the hell I'm talking about!

Depp's been doing this kind of thing ever since Sleepy Hollow and the Ninth Gate. Hell. Hell, the Ninth Gate could've been an Elseworlds Kolchak story. Point is, Depp can play this, and play it good.

Dammit, MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Because as it appears I'm not going to get any new X-Files anytime soon, I would love to see this one. Like yesterday.
Tags: movies
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