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Been a rough week for comic books.

I mentioned earlier about the whole Starfire controversy in which a seven-year-old explains what we want to see from female characters.

Then, yesterday, reviews for Frank Miller's Holy Terror started going live. Ouch. I'm sure I've talked about my disdain for this comic in the past, as far back as when it was going to be a Batman comic. But basically, the premise is Batman vs. Al Qaeda, and it sounds even worse now than it did then. Muslims are of course the villains (it is the war on terror, yo! - Who else?) there's a mosque in Manhattan funded by Muslim terrorists, for Muslim terrorists. Essentially, it sounds like Miller is saying, "If you're a Muslim, you're part of the problem."

According to Frank Miller, this was supposed to be the equivalent of him doing propaganda - you know, like Superman or Captain America punching Hitler in the face. Except, Seal Team Six already actually beat him to the punch on that one, I guess? And as Saladin Ahmed points out in the comments over at Tor.com's review, it actually demonizes an entire people group, not a political figure.

Also over at Tor.com, blogger Tim Callahan talks about why he enjoys Miller's work so much. He makes some interesting points - not so much about this book itself, but about Miller's archetypes. For example: "Frank Miller's villains are vile and disfigured." He goes on to call them one dimensional.

I got to thinking about that.

(Let's not even get started on people with disabilities and/or deformities and/or GLBT. I'm looking at you, 300.)

I soured on Frank Miller somewhere during Sin City, I think. I avoided The Dark Knight Strikes Again because of what friends had told me about it and what he did to Dick Grayson. And All-Star Batman and Robin? Goddamned Bah. For those who don't know (SPOILER ALERT) Dick Grayson (AKA the original Robin) turns out to be the Bad Guy in the Dark Knight Strikes Again. Now, this could actually be a good plot twist, if handled well. But as we know, Miller's villains are all very one dimensional, and I'm pretty sure Grayson's never given much depth or layering in DKSA. And I'm kind of confused by how any comic book writer could have such hatred for Dick Grayson to make him a one note villain. If you're gonna write that shit, it better be Shakespearean.

Somewhere, there should be a picture of Dick Grayson punching Frank Miller in the face. Because that would be AWESOME. (I would also be happy to accept Nightrunner, Superman, and/or Batman doing the same deal.)

Then again, maybe it should be one of the above kissing Frank Miller's cheek, because he seems to enjoy hating people (and being hated) a little too much. Wouldn't it be nice if he could learn a little platonic love and acceptance?

What happened to you, Frank Miller? We thought you were a golden god, but right now, you smell more like that yellow bastard.


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Oct. 2nd, 2011 10:09 pm (UTC)
Dave, gotta say I disagree with you about DKSA. I read that book years ago and loved it. It's SO different from TDK which is, indeed, very dark. DKSA is kinda light and fun -- even the colour palette is bright -- and Miller himself seems to be having fun pulling the Silver Age heroes together. Now, you're right about Dick turning out to be the bad guy but at the time, I just thought it was a surprising plot twist rather than Miller hating on Dick.

I was less happy with Miller's treatment of the whole Batman/Robin mythos in the All-Star Batman & Robin series where he's turned them into kind of gung-ho psychos. And he made Hal Jordan an idiot.

But DKSA? Not the same.
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