Dave Thompson (krylyr) wrote,
Dave Thompson

Returning a Library Book has Never Been So Awesome - PodCastle 200, Baby!

You guys, I can barely contain myself! PodCastle hit its 200th episode today! And we're celebrating with Scott Lynch's awesome story "In the Stacks," which has swords, sorcery, and takes place in the coolest, most dangerous library ever!

Also, Anna and I asked a lot of cool people to help us do a full cast reading! Anyone who can place Rachel freaking Swirsky's voice without cheating and looking at the cast list gets a no-prize! But also: Norm Sherman, Wilson Fowlie, M. to the K. Hobson, Graeme Dunlop helped out Peter, Anna and myself hugely with this one. And we got Ann Leckie, Alasdair Stuart, our forum mods Talia and Ocicat, and Marshal Latham to put the icing on the cake as our geek chorus.

It's a looooong one, but it flies by, so go listen, and spread the word! (More Words, MORE WORDS!)

Thanks for listening!

Tags: free fiction, fun fun fun, podcastle, podcasts, scott lynch

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