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Lots of stuff has been happening at la casa de Krylyr. We went to Maui, and I need to post more about that, because more than ever before, Maui totally stole my heart. But this is even better than Maui. 

I've been sitting on this for a little while, mostly because it's so cool, I just can't wrap my brain around that it's REALLY HAPPENING. Even after I agreed to a contract. Even after I turned in the first 15 (er, 27 minutes) of my recording and it was accepted.

DUDES. I get to read the audiobook for Tim Pratt's amazing fantasy novel Briarpatch

Yes, I think I need to type that again. I GET TO READ TIM PRATT'S BRIARPATCH!!!!!!!

I am so stoked beyond words about this, I don't even know what else to say! I keep expecting people to email me that they've changed their minds. 

I love this book. I loved it immediately - as soon as I started reading it when it came out last year. And those of you who listen to PodCastle know I love being able to share and read stories with people. Seriously, if there is a word to describe how happy and excited I am about this, please leave it in the comments because I have NO CLUE. 

I'm recording. The book is scheduled to be turned in to ACX by the end of July. (Not 100% sure when that means it'll come out).

Those of you further away from the publishing industry who want to know when I can take them on a ride in my private jet like Tony Stark and Rhodey in the first Iron Man, no, I am not quitting my dayjob, but I am doing what I can so that I'll be able to do more of this kind of thing. (I have been talking to people about other things. I am excited. They are excited.) And I hope this is the start of something awesome!
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