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Where Am I Going, Where Have I Been?

I know, I know, try and control yourselves. Yes, this is a blog from Dave - a rare and endangered species.

Things have been pretty wild here. Additionally, my work has blocked LJ, so...that pretty much sucks.

But here's a quick update:

Briarpatch, the audiobook written by Tim Pratt and read by me, is now available at Audible.com! It's an amazing book, and I'm thrilled that I was able to read it! It's just an amazing contemporary fantasy - it's dark, twisted, sexy, funny, and really heartfelt. l loved every page of it, and that I was able to record it just blows my mind!

(People who have rated it have given it good ratings...no reviews yet, though.)

There's possibly more audiobook news coming, which is the other reason things have been quiet here. I am excited!

So, other stuff. The chickens. My God they're HUGE. I really need to post some more pictures of them. Hopefully they lay some eggs soon so Greg van Eekhout can come up here and make us omelletes or scrambles or whatever it is he does with eggs.

The kids are wonderful. Claire had her first sleepover (a friend at our house) last weekend. They watched one of the American Girl movies (Claire's now read almost all those books). Oliver enjoyed having Claire's friend over too, and enjoyed it even more when we went swimming at the grandparents house, and then he got to stay by himself and spend the night at his grandparents house by himself. He's slept over there lots, but never without his big sister. Being the second kid is tough, I guess.

I am not writing as much as I like (SHOCKER, I know, with all the other stuff). But I have been doing quite a bit of thinking, and I have a pretty solid idea on where I want to go next. We'll see if I get there or not.

I'm lstening to GRRM's Storm of Swords. You know, sometimes you hear so much about a series of books, that it...well, I don't think it turns me off, but it made me feel like I can put them off (probably that it was part of a larger series that's still not complete is something). But a friend of mine at work hounded me, and I listened to the first two and loved them. And Storm of Swords is easily the best thus far. I just got to that part where the character I've hated for the last three books has...well, maybe not redeemed himself, but I don't hate him as much as I did previously. That's pretty hard to do, consdering what that character did in the first place to make me hate him so much. So, yeah. Pretty amazing writing, and I'm so happy I gave in and checked these books out. I hear there's a TV show, and I should probably watch that at some point.

So, that's me. How are you all? Reading anything good? Listening to anything good? Let me know!
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