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Psalms & Hymns & Spiritual Noir

Finger Painted In Blood

Dave Thompson
25 September
External Services:
  • krylyr@livejournal.com
Call me Dave. I blog here about my family life with my wife, daughter, and son and also about my personal struggles, triumphs, and frustrations as very small time SF/F/horror writer living in LA. (Which is a really nice way of me saying I bitch a lot about writing.) Recently, I also became the Co-Editor of everyone's favorite PodCastle - the world's first audio magazine dedicated to fantasy fiction.

I'm kind of a religous nut -- though not in the typical sense. I think Fox Mulder and Bono are the next wave disciples -- the real latter day saints. And I have an unhealthy obsession with the TV show "Lost."

I've written stories about vampires taking communion, kids who become superheroes, terrorist saints, serial killer prophets, Saint Darwin, the post-apocalypse view from Hawaii, and puritan noir (as if there was any other kind). Some of which have been published, some of which will hopefully be published in the not-too distant future.

Here's what other people have said about my stories:

"Dave Thompson...manages to be gross, touching, funny and twisted all at once."
-- Cory Doctorow

"I really enjoyed ["Last Respects"]. When I meet Dave Thompson, I’m going to kick him in the nuts for making me choke up on the recording."
-- Scott Sigler

"You, sir, are ronin, the masterless internet samurai. I could not possibly command powers as vast and wild as your own."
-- Matt Wallace (to me)

Published Work:

"All Things to All People," Apex (forthcoming)

"Ichabod Crane, Master of the Occult," Journey Into...

The Cyberpunk series, Journey Into... (Episode 1, Episode 2)

"The Gearaffe Who Didn't Tick," Bull Spec

"Saint Nicholas' Helper", Pseudopod.

"Horror World 2025" (with Kevin David Anderson), The Drabblecast, Part 1 and Part 2

"Haole," Triangulation: End of the Rainbow anthology

"Heart of Clay" simultaneously published by Murky Depths (Issue 11) and Varaint Frequencies.

"Trust and Travesty", Hub Magazine, Issue 110.

"Saint Darwin's Spirituals," Simultaneously released by Murky Depths (Issure 4) and Variant Frequencies (May 2008),
Reprinted in Triangulation: Dark Glass anthology
Reprinted in Escape Pod

"God-Shaped Box", Hub Magazine, Issue 51

"Last Respects", Pseudopod, March 31 2007 (Reprinted on Apex Online, October 2007 and She Nailed A Stake Through His Head anthology (2009).


I'm working on this part... :)