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Me and My Shadow

The Pirate Goats of São Paolo! (Or: an Interview!)

Hey look! I've been interviewed along with my bad-cop partner-in-crime Anna Schwind by csecooneyfor Black Gate magazine! If you want to know exactly what kind of story we're looking for at PodCastle, now's your chance!

I do think it would be pretty cool if someone sent us a Pirate Goats of São Paolo (although I can't promise that's what Anna had in mind)! 

Q&A with the Busy Fitches, and Other Greatest Hits

Easter was good. Yeah, we had the earthquake (I thought that was supposed to happen on Good Friday) and it was a trip. I was standing out on a playground at the beach with the kids and my cousin and thought to myself: "Why do I feel so dizzy and light-headed? I haven't even started drinking yet." I joke, yes, but only after reading voidmonster and kirizal are okay. It was a big one. It didn't have the freight-train noise here that they usually do, but I suspect things might have been different closer to the epicenter.

Anyway, happy belated Easter to all of you - I hope you all had fun on your bunny hunts. 

If  you want an inside look at the editorial genius behind PodCastle, you can click over to Diabolical Plots where you can get it all from Anna Schwind. I say some things, too, though they're they're nowhere cool as Anna's. Actually, it was a lot of fun, especially since it was the first time either of us were interviewed. Anna's an ace at it, and it was a blast to do it together.

And so in the spirit of fun first times, I'd like to open up the comment thread to share the love. I'll kick things off with a couple of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over due congrats:

First, my good friend Terry (bogwitch64) has sold her novel Finder! I got to read some of it early this year, and it's loads of fun. I hear it might be coming out this fall, and it's going to own. Terri's one of the coolest, nicest people, I've ever met, and I can't wait to see her in person and give her a really big hug, because she's the ginchiest. The book itself is an epic fantasy adventure done-up with a mystery/buddy-cop story. I can't wait to finish it, and eagerly await my favorite bogwitch to finish the damn sequel.

Also, speaking of sold books - my buddy Kevin "Not a J" Anderson (sorry...Kevin "David" Anderson - I guess when you need to steal a name, you gotta steal from the top) has sold his book Night of the Living Trekkies to Quirk. Yes, this is a zombie book. With Star Trek geeks. Some of you are under the false impression that the zombie genre is dying or dead. That's only because you haven't seen a gay Klingon wipe the floor with zombies, and you haven't seen a Jedi and a Vulcan buddy-cop show. Okay, neither have I, but after reading this book you'll want one as badly as you want the Miles/Sawyer cop show.  Because I got to read an early version of it, and it totally kicked ass. It's funny and geeky and you all need it. All of you.

Alright, I'm going to get some writing done before lunch is over. So..what do you got?